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Metal Roofing Forming Machinery
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Color steel plate is a color coated steel plate or galvanized steel plate by rolling cold bending molding plate, widely used in industrial buildings, such as factories, warehouses, garage, hangar, gymnasium, exhibition hall, theater and another surface of the rooms, wall, and fence. The press tile machine has the advantages of beautiful appearance, uniform paint, high strength and a long service life. The tile press machine adopts an automatic control software to achieve the production of information management.
Metal Roofing Forming Machinery1
The components of the equipment:
Decoiler      1set
Main Machine for roll forming     1set
Control System(PLC)      1set
Cutting System          1set
Output Table            1set

The Technical Parameters of Metal Roofing Forming Machinery:
Coil inner diameter: 450-550 mm
Max coil out diameter: 1300-1600 mm
Max coil width: 1250 mm
Carrying capacity: 5 T
Metal Roofing Forming Machinery2
2.Main Machine for roll forming 
production mode: automatic roll forming
The width of the feeding material: 1000-1250mm
The thickness of the plate: 0.4mm-1.2mm
Rollers: 16
Shaft diameter after processing:¢80mm
The power of the main motor: 5.5kw
Scissor material: Cr12Mov, herd steel HRC 58-62°C
The material of the back cutting machine: Gr12
The material of the roller:45#steel
The material of the forming shaft: 45# steel
Length tolerance: ±1.5mm
Voltage: 380V,50HZ,3 phase(adjustable by customer needs)
Production capability:10m-12m/min
The material of the big shelf: 350H steel
The size of the whole machine: 7500*1500mm*1200mm
The weight of the whole machine: about 5.5Tons

3.Control System(PLC)
The Brand of PLC: Panasonic or Mitsubishi
-to ensure the high speed, stability, precision and long lifetime. If you need, we can change it to other brand or another little computer for you.
The Advantages of PLC:
- to ensure the smoothness when the machine starts and stops.
- to ensure there is no slipping or the sharp tension of the chains;
- to ensure there is no the breakdown of the electrical circuit caused by the starting electricity.
- to ensure the long-term operation and the durability of the machine.  
- to ensure the normal and high-efficiency operation of the machine.
- to ensure the precision of cutting.The error of 6m panel is 1mm.
Metal Roofing Forming Machinery3

4.Cutting System 1set
The power of the hydraulic pump station: 4.0kw
Hydraulic pressure:12Mpa
Hydraulic oil: 46#
Metal Roofing Forming Machinery4

5.Output Table 1set
It is used for receiving the sheared color steel plate and the rules of the plate will be in order, the length of the receiving table is generally 3 meters, a total of 2. But We also can customize it according to the request of customers.
Other instructions:
Package: Nude package in 1*20GP container
Delivery date: 30working days
After-sale service: One year warranty, life-long maintenance
The requests for the workers and the working place:
Smooth cement floor
Lifting equipment
Temperature of the place-not lower than 4 degrees
The color steel coil in stock(three to four coils of different colors each)
the place where we put the goods after processing
Trucks hoisting transportation field
Production Place (not less than 17x4m)
Worker: two ( the operator and the maintenance personnel)
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