Chengdu Jinbin Cold Roll Forming Machinery Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Jinbin Cold Roll Forming Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Chengdu Jinbin Cold Roll Forming Machinery Co., Ltd.
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After-sale Service
We will send our engineers to demonstrate and train our customers for 2 hours when the customers are checking the goods in our factory. We will also give customers the operated video of the equipment and the related instructions before the shipment so that customers themselves can learn the operation of the machine according to the information. If they can't use the machine or machines appear some problems that they can’t solve when equipment arrive their destinations, we will send them our technicians to adjust the equipment for them. The technicians will be sent within 15 days when we receive their formal notices about sending some technicians to adjust the machine for them.

Return Policy
If our equipment does not meet the quality and technical requirements as the contract appoints when customers check the goods in our factory, we can readjust it until customers are satisfied but one the condition of the approval of the customers. If the equipments also fail to meet the requirements of the contract and customers' satisfaction after readjustment, we will return them all of the deposit.

Shopping Info
Customers can find the logistic company by themselves. And we will arrange their equipment in their containers in good condition. We can also book containers and shipping dates for customers, and help them to complete the goods in containers and send them to their designated places.